Moynalvey and Kiltale Parish, Meath.

I hope you find this point of contact with our parish community to be useful. Fr David

Masses from 9 to 16 Sept 2018

SATURDAY 6.30 pm Breda Cummins (Month’s Memorial)
SUNDAY 10.00 am Parishioners

Tuesday 8.30 am
Wednesday 8.30 am St Januarius

SATURDAY 6.30 pm Annie & Phil Gunning
SUNDAY 10.00 am Mary Gill

SATURDAY 8.00 pm John, Sarah & Nathan O’Malley & Family
SUNDAY 11.30 am Lil Fagan

Thursday 10.00 am Ss Andrew Kim, Paul Chong & Companions
Friday 8.30 am St Matthew
Saturday 1.00 pm Wedding of Catherine Quinn & Paul McHugh

SATURDAY 8.00 pm Baby Holly May Weldon (Month’s Memorial); Noelle Mulvihill
SUNDAY 11.30 am Kay Fagan, 1st Anniv.