Moynalvey and Kiltale Parish, Meath

God came down from heaven and lives among us.

Masses from 19 to 26 January 2020

Saturday 6.30 pm Parishioners
Sunday 10.00 am Alice McMahon, Month’s Memorial

Tuesday 8.30 am St Agnes
Wednesday 8.30 am

Saturday 6.30 pm Sean Dunlevy, Month’s Memorial; Tadgh Lydon
Sunday 10.00 am Thomas Brennan

Saturday 8.00 pm Linda Rodgers
Sunday 11.30 am Christina & Stephen Allen

Thursday 10.00 am St Francis de Sales
Friday 8.30 am

Saturday 8.00 pm Fr Seamus Dunican
Sunday 11.30 am Davey & Mary Shortt & the Magee Family